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CN News Library Search Help

The CN News Library search can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Usually you will just need to enter a few words best describing what you are trying to locate. To perform more complicated searches you might use logic operators or special pattern matches.

Example: greenbrier hotel shelter tour

Searching Rules of Thumb:

If you get too many junk or nonsense answers, try:

If you don't get any answers, or too few answers:

Keywords Phrases and Wild-cards:

To locate words, type them in just as you would in a word processor. Letter cases will be ignored.
The wild-card character * (asterisk) may be used to match just the prefix of a word or to ignore the middle of something.

To locate a number of adjacent words in a specific order, an exact phrase, surround them with " (double quotation) characters. Putting a '-' (hyphen) between words will also force order.


Query                  Locates
john                   john, John
"john public"          John Public
web-browser            Web browser, web-browser
John*Public            John Q. Public, John Public
456*a*def              1-23456-789-ABCDEF

Search Logic

'-' (without)
The '-'(minus) is the most commonly used logic symbol. It means the answer should EXCLUDE references to that item.

'+' (required)
The '+'(plus) symbol in front of a search item means that the answer MUST INCLUDE that item.

Example               Finds 
bob sam joe           Bob with Sam and Joe
bob sam -joe          Bob with Sam without Joe
bob sam +joe          Bob with Sam and require Joe

Natural Language Searching:

You may enter a search query in the form of a sentence or question. The software will automatically identify the important words and phrases within your search query and remove the "noise words".

Example: What is the population of Putnam County?

The software will search for:
population AND Putnam AND County